TIGER RTS Versatile and Reliable

TIGER’s Rack Transfer System is designed on the basis of first in first out pallet handling which is the industries recommended direction to go for today’s demands on Consistent Quality Concrete Products.

  1. Concrete Products Machine
  2. Delivery Conveyor
  3. Loader
  4. Rack Conveyor
  5. Load Transfer Car
  6. Unload Transfer Car
  7. Unloader
  8. De-palleter Conveyor
  9. De-palleter
  10. Pallet Return Conveyor
  11. Pallet Carrier
  12. Block Conveyor
  13. Cubing Machine with Pattern Maker
  14. Off Load Conveyor
  15. Cross Conveyor
  16. Curing Kiln
  17. Curing Rack with 4Wheels

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