• The Floating Table has stabilizers to insure proper travel of the table for even bottom blade contact with the product, and assures verticle and horizontal blade splitting action. This reduces cull rate to a minimum.
• Top Blade travel has precise stops to insure no extra travel of blades. This increases blade life and reduces “white line” on the product caused by Top Blade over travel.
• An independent two-head design allows the two top blades to be flexible in contacting the top of a product with non-precise height, which leads to reduce the cull rate. It is also effective for spliting multiple rows of product fed into the Bar Conveyor.
• The momvement of the Bar Conveyor is controlled electrically by a frequency motor and an encoder, which assures quick feeding and precise positioning without marring the product.
• The Control Panel is designed to be accessible and changeable with ease. It has a memory for 99 feeding and spliting positions and you can reduce the change over time from one product to another.
• TIGER’s quick blade change design can reduce not only the idle time but also the labor by introducing built-in rail for chain block.
• The blade is designed to have a longer life to reduce the maintenance and idle time.
• It can be used combined with a Block Turnover attached, or independently.

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Features TSP-12
Main pump motor – kW 15 kW (20 hp)
Hydraulic pump – Liters per minute 125 liters (33 Gallons)
Oil Cooling Fan/Heat exchanger motor – kW 0.2 kW (0.27 hp)
Hydraulic oil reservoir/Tank – Liters 390 liters (103 Gallons)
Recirculating pump motor – kW 0.75 kW (1 hp)
Recirculating pump – Liters per minute 45 liters (11.8 Gallons)
Hydraulic system pressure – MPa 10 MPa (1450 psi)
Bar conveyor motor kW 1.5 kW (2 hp)
Floating table type Air-Bag support
Hydraulic pump configuration Axial piston pump (VD)
Upper blade cylinder Dual cylinder


“Number of splits per hour (20 cm/8″” split face)” 1300
Product handling Bar conveyor (Auto)

Split product dimensions

Maximum product width “610 mm (24″”)”
Minimum products width “360 mm (14-11/64″”)”
Maximum product height “305 mm (12″”)”
Minimum products height “40 mm (1-9/16″”)”

Product feeding

Manual N/A
Bar conveyor YES – Chain guided

Splitting Configuration

Two-way splitting N/A
Four-way splitting YES
Single Blade N/A
Dual Blade Standard
Rotating blade holder Available RB-Option

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 3500 kg (7700 lbs)
Splitter size (Width x Height x Length) – mm 2865/2400/2500
Splitter size (Width x Height x Length) – inches “1123”” x 95″” x 98″””