The TIGER model S Series of concrete products machines is designed to manufacture high quality concrete masonry units via industry wide available mold vibration and at a high rate of speed. The TIGER S series of machines are the fastest cycling hydraulic concrete products machines in the world making high quality products.

The S machines are fully interchangeable with block machines from other manufacturers. With very small adaptations to existing handling systems and production pallet return systems, if any are required, the S Series can use existing machine foundations, production pallets return conveyors, frontal product delivery conveyors and most importantly, all existing molds.

This machine has the capability of producing a very large range of products from 60 mm high up to 215 mm high (2-3/8” up to 8-15/32”). The machines use an electro-hydraulic drive and a simple quick mold change system to allow the manufacture of many different products by making multiple change molds within the same shift.

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