Traditional Steam Boilers waste a lot of energy during the preheating time to boil the water.
Our CureTec NDG Steam Generator is a direct fired and pressureless system which means that water is directly injected into the combustion chamber with the flame and produces steam within a few seconds. The process water cools all necessary parts like elbow, burner and the combustion chamber making the whole system very efficient.

Benefits are:
● Steam within a few seconds
● Steam temperatures variable between 100°C and 400°C
● Adjustable moisture content
● Efficiency of 98%
● No permits required (low pressure system)
● Generators are available between 90 kW/h and 2400 kW/h
● Simple to install and maintain
● very low emmisions
● CO2-rich steam
● Requires little space

NDG Steam Generators will be factory checked and in compliance with all codes before delivery.