In order to give clients the opportunity to test the accelerated concrete curing methods with their own products and therefore be assured that our concrete curing methods work with their own products, we have designed and built a test container for our customers. A test container is available in North America from Pathfinder Systems in Holland, Michigan. The container is divided into two sections. The front area is an insulated curing chamber in which the customer can test his products. In the rear area, the control room contains the various devices, such as hot air generators, NDG steam generator, humidification system, drying unit, air circulation, re-circulation, water softening / stabilization and a control panel from which these components can be controlled. Customers can use the various test programs which are available, or they may try their own programs. During the experiments all values (such as humidity, temperature profile, time, etc.) are recorded and archived, so that the customer can analyze and evaluate the entire course of the experiments at a later date.
This gives our customers the opportunity to select the right concrete curing method for his individual product. The container is available for rent to our customers.