Concrete needs heat and moisture to hydrate perfectly. The concrete mix of precast elements contains a lot of water already so we only need to add heat for the curing process. With ConCure we designed a system which heats up and circulates the air inside the curing chamber without adding additional moisture. Due to the moisture content we only need to make sure that temperature and circulation are correct.  The chamber air is drawn in at different points on lower positions, heated by means of a heat exchanger and blown back into the chamber on different levels. With ConCure we can use all kinds of fuels such as gas, fuel oil,warm water and electricity. ConCure is available in different performance sizes from 40 kW/h up to 1200 kW/h.  All ConCure Systems are especially designed for customer needs with different arrangements for the ducting system (design, material) and different sizes of heaters to provide the highest efficiency and performance.  Standard duct construction is of a lightweight insulated fiberglass material with stainless steel joint clamps. Stainless or galvanized steel ducts can also be supplied.  All ConCure systems excel in longevity, low maintenance, and economical operation.