With a combustion efficiency of more than 91% our WE Hot Air Generators fulfill strict legal requirements. They are available in heating capacities of from 25 kW/h to 920 kW/h and have airflow capacities of from 2.700 m³/h to 68.500 m³/h.
Special designs are available.

● Low energy consumption
● Long life
● High combustion efficiency
● Low exhaust gas temperatures
● Low NOX values
● Large access panels for maintenance
● Variable exhaust outlets
● Modular construction

Combustion chamber / Heat exchanger

The special heat exchanger design of the CureTec Hot Air Generator allows optimal heat transfer from the combustion chamber to the curing atmosphere. The proven stainless steel construction of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber ensures maximum heat transfer and long life.

Exhaust temperatures

By adjusting the air volume for maximum combustion performance, CureTec allows for an extremely low temperature differential of 40 degrees C. between the curing air and the combustion exhaust. The CureTec WE Hot Air Generator saves you money by sending the heat to the curing system, not up the chimney.

Special designs

CureTec WE Hot Air Generators can easily be modified for special conditions. Examples of such modifications are:
● Fragmented or partly fragmented machines for small spaces
● Units completely made of corrosion resistant material
● Condensate drains
● Thick walled exchanger tubes
● Special fans for higher temperatures or pressures


The housing is constructed so the combustion chamber can be accessed without detaching the burner. This sophisticated design helps you to save time and money.


CureTec is dedicated to always providing the best quality components. That is why we only use burners that have proven resolution and efficiency in multiple applications.