Tiger Block & Paver Production

Tiger Cubing and Splitting

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Tiger Auxiliary Equipment

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Pathfinder offers a wide variety of Auxiliary equipment, including:
In line and off line processing equipment
De-Cubing lines
Tumbling lines
Special Products Available

Tiger Wet Cast

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Pathfinder provides a full line of wet cast equipment from basic, manual plants for a startup facility or low capacity to fully automated facilities with maximum output. Our plants are expandable so that you may start with a simple installation and expand / automate as your product demand grows. Let’s discuss your needs and tailor a plant to meet them.

CureTec Curing Solutions

CureTec Curing Solutions for masonry, hardscapes, pipe and pre-cast facilities as well as aggregate heating solutions.

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Bergen Molds

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We offer molds for all makes and models of machines. Refer to the Bergen catalog for Besser and Columbia molds. For Tiger and other “big board” style models, please contact Pathfinder directly.

Optimas Paver installation equipment and tools

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Pathfinder is the leading North American distributor of German-made Optimas paver laying equipment. Constant innovation, meticulous engineering and precision manufacturing make the Optimas line of paver handling tools, the finest in the world. To view the available Optimas line for North America, visit here.

GMM Block & Paver Grinding & Polishing

Our strong points, which have allowed us to reach an incredible number of 6.500 cutting machines installed worldwide, making us world leaders in this sector, are the following:

  • High level of quality and quality of production due the specialization in this field of bridge cutting machines and block cutters;
  • Professional personnel who have over 20 years experience in the business coming from competitors and/or companies who have closed their activities;
  • Technical offices and internal designing, research center for material, technological and software upgrades;
  • Worldwide network;
  • After sales service which boasts at being best of its kind for speed and efficiency.

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B+S Pipe & Manhole Manufacturing

   Equipment for Manufacturing of:
  –  Concrete Pipes
  –  Polymer Concrete Pipes
  –  Concrete Box Culverts
  –  Concrete Manhole Systems
  –  Concrete Tanks
  –  Prestressed Concrete Poles
  –  Prestressed Concrete Sleepers
  –  Special Concrete Elements
  –  NEW:  Vacuum Lifting Equipment

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